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Our Sustainability Promise

We’re passionate about keeping our world beautiful for the future.

Vintage and pre-loved jewellery is a naturally sustainable choice because the pieces are already in circulation, so no new metals or stones have to be mined to make them. This jewellery was made to last, so you can pass them on as heirlooms and continue the good work!
As part of Loup Vintage Jewels’s commitment to sustainability, we do number of things:
*We use recycled and FTC certified boxes and outers.
*We are plastic free, and keep packing to a minimum. Invoices and care instructions are sent digitally.
*We have partnered with Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint.
*Not only that, for very purchase made, from 1st March 2022 we have been planting a tree for every piece of jewellery we sell. Here’s to planting a forest!